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SELECT membership is very flexible and is the ONLY option in the holiday Industry which allows you to deposit your week and use anytime in the coming 5 years. This is unlike most other exchange companies who operate a use it or lose it with their 2-year policy. If you want to extend for another 12 months they will charge you usually around £50 plus.

Note Although Preference is a free membership for the first two years. One downside is that if you have not used your deposited credits within 2 years then there is the risk of losing them if you’re not a SELECT member. However, those who have opted for 2 years’ FREE membership can upgrade at any time to SELECT where you can enjoy all the Premium Benefits. The exchange fees are substantially reduced and the valuable discount offers we have negotiated on behalf of our SELECT Members will of course become available to you too

This flexibility with SELECT membership is also of great benefit to those members who own in low demand time and small units and are now unable to upgrade at a substantially reduced rate compared to basic Free membership.

Below. The comparison chart... To help you decide which membership to choose.

Only require basic for two years?
Go Preference
Want more from your membership?
UKRE Membership levels and benefits Preference SELECT
Guaranteed UK week for a UK week Yes Yes
Deposited weeks are retained for 2 Years 5 Years on request additional time can be requested
Exchange Request Maximum 12 months Priority Given to SELECT Members
Only Pay when Exchange Confirmed Yes Yes
Exchange Fee (Domestic & International) £78 £50 Lowest fees in the World
Upgrade fee for more sleeping capacity or and higher season Twice Exchange fee Twice Exchange fee
Exchange Fees Can subject to inflation Fixed fee for 5 years
Term 2 years – convert at any
time within 2 years to SELECT
5 Years plus
Guest Pass Certificates Free Free
Discount Club – Reduce your Utility bills
with cash back on Fuel & Food. Over 50 major stores, 2,000 online stores.
Substantial annual savings
No Yes
Qualify for huge discounts at Cinemas,
nearly 7,000 restaurants and family day outs.
No Yes
Discounts on disability & Health products No Yes
Exchange your week towards a timeshare,
Lodge or caravan.
Yes Yes
Cost of membership Basic membership free 2 years £150 - 5 Years plus

Note it is estimated dependent on your lifestyle purchases of everyday products/services that you will save annually between £300 - £1,000 plus with our discount service.

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