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Member Benefits

Members benefits are shaped by our members. We are proud of the fact that we are able to provide our members value for money with the lowest exchange fees in the world from an established holiday exchange company.

We guarantee a UK week for a UK week deposited.

The option of SELECT membership enables you to deposit your weeks and hold them for 5 years with an option to extend this. NO established Exchange Company provides this term. It’s usually 2 years with a fee if you wish to extend this for a further year.

The membership is established with many people that have been with us for 20 plus years including our very first member in 1991. Find out Why! Read why we have such a loyal membership Here at UKRE.

During the coming months we will be rolling out a number of extra benefits which are available only to our participating membership. We intend to continue improving our services to you with new innovations and we welcome your valued input.

UKRE is evolving and listening to our members going beyond holiday savings. We not only offer a choice of membership and types of accommodation but the opportunity to reduce your overall costs on everyday services and purchases. That means keeping more money back in your pocket!

To this end we have facilitated a UKRE Private Forum on the Timeshare Users Forum A forum where you can join and contribute to our growth with ideas and possible innovations that you would like to see and benefit from.

We are working towards playing a part in a change that we feel needs to take place in our industry, one step at a time with your support.

Please ensure you check out our other links and review this website on a regular basis as we introduce the new initiatives over the coming months.

UKRE is a holiday company with a difference!
Why?………. Because we care!