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Members discounts

UKRE are now providing our SELECT members with great opportunities to save in style.

This can benefit members who are house owners or business owners. We have been busy behind the scenes working on your behalf to ensure that your Lifestyle & Leisure pursuits are more enjoyable and even less expensive.

SPEND LESS!! How would like to reduce your utility bills? Where you can earn cash back on your everyday shopping including your fuel and food costs with the likes of Sainsbury’s, M&S, Debenhams, Pizza Hut, Halfords, Mother Care, Argos and Boots to name a few. In fact, there are over 2,000 online stores that you might already use anyway and now you could get a discount at them all and this will reduce your overall spend. Discounts are offered in various ways but nevertheless there are real savings to be made on your lifestyle and day to day purchases.

There is also an amazing range of activities for you and your family to enjoy.

  • Restaurants. Up to 50% off your meal with a choice of nearly 7,000 restaurants.
  • Cinema tickets up to 40% off!
  • Family days out with huge discounts!

This is more experiences and benefits brought within your reach. You’ll treasure the memories! And there is more to come...!!!

  • Disability & health products at a discount.

How does this work? Retailers do not openly offer such discounts to the general public? However, some retailers will provide discounts to certain organizations, such as corporate enterprises or other organizations. For example, the Armed Forces and Civil Servants and other groups benefit from a variety of discounts. We have arranged for our own members to have the same opportunity.

This will be an ongoing process as UKRE are dedicated to seeking further affiliations that will benefit our members.

*These discount offers are currently only available to our SELECT members. Non SELECT members can convert to SELECT at any time review the comparison chart. Here

Members simply apply for further information quoting your membership details here.

Note it is estimated dependent on your lifestyle everyday purchases that you will save annually between £300 - £1,000 plus with our discount service.

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