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Working together with UKRE

UKRE have been established since 1991 and we have provided thousands of holidays in the UK and overseas. During that time, we have established numerous trading partners. UKRE are dedicated to constantly seeking value to our membership. We are always happy to welcome new partnerships and collaborations who are a good fit and thus can benefit our members and our existing partner’s businesses and their members or customers.

1)   If you have a product or service that could bring an advantage to our membership, then reach out. We are looking for everyday services and products that our members are likely to use. If you think this may be you, then contact us!
2)  UKRE have 27 years of experience within the holiday industry with affiliations worldwide. We are always looking to expand our range of accommodation and holiday experiences for the benefit of our members.

Contact us as we may be able to find mutual interests that will be a win – win for all concerned. This may enable you to take advantage of our connections and provide a service to our mutual memberships or customer base.

Most holiday exchange providers have complex systems that may include points or even complicated processes. UKRE have a simple system and work on a week deposited basis. This makes exchanging simple.

A week deposited with UKRE provides one-week credit that can last 5 years with our SELECT membership. This is unlike most other Holiday Exchange Companies that have a ‘use it or lose it’ policy.

Complete the online form and connect. No obligation and see where it can take you.

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