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UK Resort Exchange Terms and Conditions

UK Resort Exchange requires all Members to complete, sign and date a Membership Application Form. UK Resort Exchange is an independent business offering to its Members a service to exchange their Timeshare weeks in their home UK Resort to another Resort or facility in the UK.

Timeshare Owners who own outside the UK, can still join as members, in order to access the benefits of our rental division and the free guidance offered on the re-sales of Timeshare, whether as a seller or buyer.

UK Resort Exchange has no financial or legal interest in any Timeshare Development in the United Kingdom or elsewhere. Therefore, it cannot be held liable for any problems or defects with the designated resorts accommodation or facilities. The designated resort management are directly responsible for its failings (if any), and any complaints should be directed at them alone.

Only Timeshare Owners can apply for membership to UK Resort Exchange and upon acceptance by an authorised representative or agent, agree to abide by the conditions of this Agreement and waive any rights you may have against UK Resort Exchange for any claim or loss incurred in connection with the purchase of Timeshare products in the UK or elsewhere.

This is a separate and distinct contract from your contract with the developer or seller at your home resort. UK Resort Exchange Members are billed directly for any membership and exchange fees. UK Resort Exchange Members participate in this exchange program voluntarily.

Exchange privileges may be denied if members are not up to date with their annual maintenance charges or any similar such charges at their home resort.

Membership fees are payable on the date due and at the current rate thereof. The UKRE membership fee payable is regardless of the number of weeks owned. Membership fees and exchange fees are non-refundable.

If during the period of your Membership, you sell your timeshare holding, then membership can be transferred at your discretion.

Your home resort accommodation must be available for occupation. Members owning Floating Time must apply to their home resort for a fixed unit and week together with dates and only on confirmation can UK Resort Exchange accept those weeks for deposit and use.

Banking of week(s) is not automatic. Members are asked to deposit their week(s) annually.

Before you can request for an exchange, Members are asked to deposit their home resort week(s) into the UK Resort Exchange bank, either by telephone or by sending a completed deposit form. UK Resort Exchange will in turn give its Member a confirmation number to be used when making a request exchange. Deposited week(s) cannot be returned to a Member if UK Resort Exchange has already used this week.

Members are asked to deposit their weeks as early as possible, but no later than 6 weeks prior to the occupation date.

To make a request for exchange, Members can complete a request form, using the allocated confirmation number or by asking directly over the telephone, but should ensure they receive written confirmation.

Week’s deposited with UKRE can be saved and used anytime in the coming 5 years as a SELECT member unlike other exchange companies who operate a use it or lose it after 2 year’s policy. Members can retain deposited weeks in the bank after 5 years but an annual fee to do so may apply.

Members can request an exchange up to 12 months in advance of the time they own. Members can also ask for an instant exchange from as little as 24 hours. All exchanges made are subject to availability at the time of request.

Members are asked to be flexible when making an exchange, by way of offering different travel dates and different resorts.

Members wishing to trade up from a small unit into a large unit and Members wishing to trade up into a higher band time, will be charged the current upgrade cost in each case and is subject to availability.

When Members use an exchange into another resort they are responsible for any damage they or their guests incur. Members and their guests are asked to pay for any personal charges i.e. telephone, electricity, food. UK Resort Exchange is not liable for any damage, loss or theft to personal property left in the holiday accommodation which occurs through the use of the exchange or rental programme.

Members are asked to adhere to the resort rules and regulations whereever they visit. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of Membership without notice should resorts make a complaint around you or members of your party

Any fees mentioned in these conditions may be subject to any taxes which may be incurred and may be amended without notice.

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UK Resort Exchange (UKRE)

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We accept no responsibility for the content of any websites accessed via a hyper-link from this website and are not liable for any damages from the use or the inability to use those hyper-linked sites or the companies or materials contained therein.

Membership of UKRE constitutes agreeing to the above Terms & Conditions in their entirety.