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Why I Care

This is not just a business for me I consider my members as my friends part of my community. I have been in the industry since 1986 and since 1991 ensuring that UKRE members have a personalised service and one they could trust with old fashioned values. I am proud to say that we have members that have been with us for over twenty years.

Listen to what those within our community have to say as this is more than an holiday exchange company.

The reason I love timeshare so much is because of the flexibility it gives me, especially using UKRE. I don’t have to worry about losing my ‘banked’ weeks if I don’t use them after a certain amount of time. Which is so very different to the 2 largest competing exchange companies who I refuse to mention. I have visited charmingly remote, and expensively lavish properties in the UK, all because of the ability to exchange using UKRE.

From Cornwall to Scotland via Dorset and Wales, I am always extremely pleased with the choice of venues on offer, whether it be a 2 Bedroomed penthouse with huge bathroom, Jacuzzi and sometimes sauna. To a tiny window framed cottage with views of a valley full of lambs, sheep and Canadian geese vying for the right to fertilize the ground they stand on!!

Without the useful knowledge and expert help from Ann Blyth of UKRE I would probably have visited only a handful of places in the UK, which I love. But am now looking forward to 3 months in the USA staying mainly in wonderful resorts you have helped source. Whenever I stay in a resort the subject of holidays always crops up in conversation, usually in the Sauna or steam room. I am always pleased to know what a good deal I have found by using you as the source of my holiday.

I cannot recommend you highly enough, and I urge anyone reading this to use UKRE, you will not be disappointed.


Tom Oliver.

We joined UK Resort Exchange in 2014 and this has been a wonderful way of enjoying our retirement together. We have taken 4 superb holidays so far: -

August, 2015: 1st week - Hilton Dunkeld; 2nd week - Brunston Castle.

April, 2016: 2 weeks - Whitbarrow Village.

July, 2017: 1 week - Loch Rannoch.

The support we have received has been excellent. Ann has always come up trumps for us. Under normal circumstances, we would expect to get just a couple of nights in a standard hotel room for £150, yet the quality accommodation we used was worth much, much more, and it was for a whole week! We call this working timeshare smart and its excellent value for money.

I can recommend UK Resort Exchanges without hesitation. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance and I will be happy to furnish more information.

Kindest Regards,

Ian and Maggie.

We joined UKRE in year 2000 and became life members in 2003. Initially we were also members of RCI but were disappointed with their service and therefore discontinued that in 2006. At present we use INTERVAL and DAE in addition to UKRE. Exchange availability is often more with Interval and DAE but the personal service we have received from Ann Blyth over last 15 years is unbelievable. She has come to our rescue on a few occasions when we were not able to use our time share weeks at the last moment. The exchange fee is lower than others and late breaks for £150 are a great value. We can wholeheartedly recommend UKRE to anybody.

Very satisfied members

Muriel and Shyam Bajoria

I have used UK Resort Exchange since joining (as a life member) in 1997 having previously being with RCI with, shall we say, mixed results. Over the years I have had very varied exchanges both in accommodation type and location, but I can honestly say that I have not been disappointed nor dissatisfied with any of these exchanges. We have had detached bungalows, superb apartments and more conservative type properties in Wales. The Lakes, Devon and other Coastal and inland areas. These have all been arranged by telephone with either the Proprietor- Ann Blyth or one of her assistants. If the phone is engaged a return call has always been made and I can say that the personal attention has always been very helpful and friendly. It is a pleasure to deal with this company- something I cannot say always applies to other companies.

I can wholeheartedly recommend UK Resort Exchanges.!

If I can supply any further information or be of any further assistance, please let me know.

Kindest Regards


Hi Ann,

Just a little note to say thank you for arranging the exchange into Forest Hills (Estepona) for Helen and the children. They had a lovely time - the place was beautiful (accommodation, facilities and surrounding area), the food was great and the staff at the resort were lovely. All in all, I think they have plans about returning before too long. So I expect you'll hear from me with another request for the same resort. Oh, and they would recommend flying to Gibraltar, rather than Malaga: it's a much smaller airport, very friendly, and the flights were on time or even early, as there's not much to hold them up! The car hire was easy, too - and Helen was the first person to use the rental car! They had a good look around Gibraltar on the last day and saw the Barbary apes on the Rock when they went up in the cable car.

So thanks again - a great success.

Kind regards,

Glyn Thomas

UKRE is a holiday company with a difference!
Why?………. Because we care!